Mini Camp Packing List


  1. Pack: Underwear, socks, pj’s, warm pants, shorts, sweater, t-shirts, rain gear (garbage bag and a hat), bathing suit, flashlight, sleeping bag or blanket, pillow or a rolled up sweatshirt, running shoes and sandals, sunscreen, toiletries (towel, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, eye-glass case/contact lens case and solution)

  1. To make certain you have everything you need, try living out of your duffle bag and toiletry bag over the weekend. Over these two days you will realize if you forgot to pack something.

  1. Pack 2 bags. One bag will have your clothing and toiletries. The second bag will have your sleeping gear. If you do not have a duffle bag for your sleeping bag, make certain to double bag it in garbage bags to keep it clean and dry. Make sure your bags are secure and cannot break.

  1. Bring large garbage bags. They can be used for many purposes such as rain gear, dirty laundry bags, sleeping bag cover, etc.

  1. LABEL EVERYTHING THAT BELONGS TO YOU. If it is not attached to your body it needs to be labeled with your initials or name. Jackets, shirts, hats and pants have tags that can be used to write your name on. If you misplace something we will know who to return it to.

  1. SNACKS – plan ahead to bring some snacks to keep you going along this trip. Be realistic with your snacks because you will be on the bus.

  1. Advil, Tylenol, antihistamines, gravol and other meds cannot be given to students so pack what you need – especially if you have allergies.